Local net zero policy

Net zero for local policy makers 

Achieving net zero requires coordinated action across multiple levels, from international efforts, to local initiatives. Cities play a vital role in net zero policymaking, accounting for more than 70% of greenhouse gases and around 80% of global GDP, with urban population set to rise to nearly 70% by the year 2050. Empowering the local level through city-based global governance structures could facilitate achieving net zero.

Implementing the measures necessary to decarbonise requires significant public-buy in, particularly for cities, where net zero policies could entail significant lifestyle changes. Ensuring public consultation in the creation and implementation of any city-level net zero strategy is necessary not only to enhance compliance, but also mobilise private resources to bring these strategies to fruition. 

The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance’s 22 members have committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 80-100% by 2050. Their member commitments include Copenhagen’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2025, Glasgow by 2030, and Yokohama by 2050. The policy pathways for these initiatives vary widely, from increasing renewable energy production, to increasing low, and zero-carbon mobility options,  to improving the energy efficiency of homes and offices

Additional resources and reports can be found at the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance.

Achieving net zero requires coordination and action across every level of society.
Cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas Emissions!

A map of net zero cities from C40: Deadline 2020ICLEI, and RAMCC

Business for Net Zero

This page provides resources for businesses seeking to develop their own net zero business plans and to contribute to the wider effort to mitigate the climate crisis by identifying the solutions, risks and opportunities for achieving net zero in each sector.

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US Dairy Unveils ‘Net Zero Initiative’ to Help Farmers Achieve Carbon Neutrality

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